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A victory for all living organisms

A victory for all living organisms

We are not an experiment nor can our DNA or Genes be taken and patented both in human or any living form, plants or animals,. This is one giant step for us the consumers, in a landslide decision that just kicked the door wide open to finally ban GMO’s completely or force corporations to properly label GM foods in the USA!

Shame on General Electric! and Monsanto you are next for all the farmers you wrongfully sued  and financially ruined for greed! These poor farmer will not be able to recoup any losses caused from earlier lawsuits, but you will never put another hard-working farmer out of business. 

People around the world can sustain crops, and other foods, livestock, fisheries without dipping into the gene pool. It’s simply called “work”. We don’t need
frankenfishes or glowing sheep, those are living forms of life, not science projects or freak shows.

I attached the link for anyone who would like to take a read, it’s not a long article at all.

All the hard work thousands put into from peaceful protesting, petitions, spreading the word, all the hours spent away from home and families was not for nothing, it is starting to pay off.

Your voices are being heard, keep talking, don’t stop, we care, I care!

Thank you!

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Hi, I'm Clarissa from Huntington Beach, CA, I am an Author, Foodie and self taught "Home Cook" I love to “Dish” when it comes to anything that is food related as it has been a passion of mine from the moment I was able to hold a spatula. I have well over thirty years of experience in cooking, baking, and grilling. I've spent the last five or so years learning to replicate dishes of various cuisines around the world, create new dishes and reboot some of the classics I grew up with. It has been a pleasure sharing with others my passion, ideas, tips, and tricks that will make life in the kitchen fun and a lot easier.

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  1. I don’t mind genetically modifying foods to improve crop resilience or meat output. After all cross breeding is the slow way. I have no concerns about safety.

    What I really object to is the patenting process that potentially limits progress in medical science and imparts a commercial profit focus over medical altruism. We need cures, not delays.


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