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Incredible Food Facts and Health Benefits # 27

Sharing and passing information to each other, one picture at a time. Majority of pictures are courtesy of Raw for They have both a Face book page and weblog with a lot of unusual and informative information on living and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Please be sure to give them a visit!


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  1. This is great information and very useful!

  2. Thanks for this! I knew about garlic and tumeric but had no idea about the others, especially cloves.

  3. Grazie delle Tue preziosissime informazioni !!!
    Sei splendida!!!
    Un cordiale saluto :)

  4. If possible, I have an even deeper love for black pepper now than before. Your blog gives me cravings for all kinds of savory stuff. And turmeric – very interesting, although when I read that it’s an anti-tumor – all I could hear in my head was Arnold Schwarzenegger say is “It’s not a tumor.” LOL you not only make me hungry, you make me laugh – two of life’s greatest pleasures. How have you been girlfriend?


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