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Incredible Food Facts and Health Benefits # 32

Sharing and passing information to each other, one picture at a time. Majority of pictures are courtesy of Raw for They have both a Face book page and weblog with a lot of unusual and informative information on living and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Please be sure to give them a visit!

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  1. Hey, Clarissa, have you ever done a post on the harmful effects of aluminum? I’ve been trying to detox from aluminum this year after realizing it causes brain fog, memory loss, etc. by getting rid of all my aluminum cooking pots, pans, baking pans & tins, etc. And I just realized the other day that aluminum has been in some of the makeup and lotions I’ve been using! So now I have to get rid of them, too!

    • Hey Teresa.

      Ive heard many times over the years about processed cheese, namely “American cheese” leading to Alzheimer’s disease due to the way the cheese is processed in “Aluminum”.

      But i was totally unaware of the wide effects aluminum had on our bodies. Before i responded to you, i took a quick look and i’m really shocked.

      How would one go about living free of aluminum when its everywhere??

      Would you like me to research and write a post on this, or would you like to and guest post this. I’m sure a lot of people are unaware.

      Looks like i’ll be gradually replacing my cookware for glass and iron. What do u use for baking?
      The make up and lotions just blew me away, why is aluminum in those products?

      • Our Sprouts (whole food) store has a lot of info on it. One of the folks who worked there printed out several sheets for me of the affects of aluminum & what supplements to take to detox, which I went thru earlier this year. I had to stop using anything but Tom’s natural deodorant years ago because all others have aluminum which causes incessant itching. I’ve purchased new stainless steel pots & pans & have gone back to my old cast iron skillets, cast iron Dutch ovens, etc. I use glass or enameled cast iron or porcelain. I’m currently trying to find cookie sheets not made with aluminum. I don’t use aluminum foil if it touches the food. I don’t use foul as a liner in cookie sheets & place veggies for roasting anymore. I use wax or parchment paper. I would love for you to write something up on this, and maybe at some point I will do a blog post about it. I’m going to have to take inventory of all our skin, Shampoo, soap, hair, & fingernail products, laundry detergents & see what else I need to get rid of. Ugh!!! I wonder if perfume bottles give ingredients listed??? Yikes. Thanks for letting me sound off! Love your blog!!

      • Thank you Teresa as you just gave me my first clue as to why i go through bouts of excessive itching under my arms! We have a sprouts down the street, so i will hit them up for more info. I hope my make up doesn’t contain aluminum, MAC. Id hate to have to give that up. Thank u for sounding off. I really appreciate it.
        I love your blog too, and ive shared your link on my FB and Pinterest as i know quite a few gals who are looking to go gluten free. And you are the “go to gal” for that, as you gave such a wide variety of recipes. Have you thought about doing a cook book, ebook?

      • I have actually but not sure how to go about it. Maybe someday!

      • Hey, Clarissa. I’m getting ready to publish a post on “Aluminum Toxicity.” I give you full permission to republish the post & pix if you would like them in your blog. I still hope you will do an article on aluminum but here’s one to get you started.

      • Oh absolutely !!! I will definitely reblog your post, and plan to work on one for the future.! Thanks for inviting me to reblog this info.

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