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How To Tell If You are Buying Genetically Modified Produce

I came across this image recently and wanted to share it here, and ask that everyone share this with everyone. On this image is a sticker we have all seen at one time or another on our produce. It is called PLUCode/Price Look Up Code for fresh fruits and vegetables sold in random-weight/bulk in produce departments. The code on the sticker is how we know if the product was grown conventionally, organically, or if it was genetically modified.

Right here in the US any Genetically Modified Food can be sold without proper labeling to the consumer. To me that is nothing more than fraud. If we buy a product to consume we have a right to know what is in it, bottom line and there is no excuse not to. In other countries GMF are labeled  consider yourself lucky.

I am attaching the image along with a link to the website for PLU Codes and for the IFPS (International Federation for Produce Standards)

PLU codes are assigned by the IFPS (International Federation for Produce Standards) after rigorous review at both the national and international levels. The only thing that can not be withheld in the US is produce.

IFPS is the International Federation for Produce Standards

PLU Codes




PLU Code

PLU Code


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  1. I guess this applies to Canada (possibly US) only?


  2. Thanks. This is good information to know about.



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