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Frankenfish: genetically engineered salmon close to winning FDA approval- Reblog

Frankenfish: genetically engineered salmon close to winning FDA approval

This is a reblog from fellow word press blogger “Lasesana”

I’ve been reading quite a bit on Genetically Modified Foods and I am so astounded our government will allow its citizens to consume an altered product, yet in other countries such as Europe, Japan, Australia GMO is either banned or labeled but not here in the USA.

Some argue that it is safe for human consumption  while others state not enough testing has been done. I read the article attached and I have to agree with those who are not in favor of GMO.

The product that will hit our grocery stores sometime in the next year is from the company “AquAdvantage salmon” the “Atlantic Salmon” has been genetically altered with two genes; a gene from the Pacific salmon to make it grow faster, and a gene from an eel that makes it grow throughout the year. GE salmon grow in half the time, 18 months instead of three years.But do not grow larger than natural salmon.

At this time AquAdvantage eggs are created in the Prince Edward Island and the fish are grown and farmed in Panama.

The FDA’s draft environmental assessment has concluded that AquAdvantage fish did not pose a threat to the U.S. environment. This draft assessment will be open to public comments for 60 days. The link to this report is located in the original blog.

Did you get that? “AquAdvantage fish did not pose a threat to the U.S. environment.”

Of course it is not a threat, because it is not engineered on US soil..

Here is another excerpt from the original blog.

“AquaBounty’s Canadian production site was contaminated by a new strain of Infectious Salmon Anemia, an un treatable virus that affects salmon. However, Centers for Food Safety claims that information about the facility’s contamination with this deadly fish flu was not considered by the FDA and was hidden from the public.”

Now ask yourself do you really want to eat this engineered salmon?

How you can help, read article in the attached original blog, share it, tweet it, pin it, email it.

If this is not accepted in other parts of the world it must be for a very good reason……….



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  1. Our local stores have had to say where our produce is coming from. I’m far from perfect but I do try to buy local if it isn’t in season do without. What ever happened to buy American. The same thing that happened to my hubby’s job a few years back…got shipped overseas. While the other countries may not put up with certain GMO food – some are still very backwards in regards to safety and care of their own citizens in other ways. So it all goes back to buyer be aware and read labels!!!


    • I couldn’t agree with you more Jules. On my facebook page one of my friends posted a bunch of news clipping on Carp and a nasty virus its been infected with. I had no idea so i’ll be posting those over here. I agree with you on reading the labels, however when it comes to GMO here in the USA they don’t have to label it, and that is whats so frightening, not knowing.


      • I guess that’s one of the benefits of buying local…hopefully knowing what is in your stuff. Though that isn’t always the case. Some organic farms may not use pesticides but what are they using? Kind of like coffee – instant coffee used to have ground glass in it to make it sparkle…and decaffeinated isn’t always done with just water. Bottled water is another ‘big trip’. Get a filter for your sink and use your own bottles. I guess in regards to labels, we as consumers need to demand more.
        Sometimes it does make a difference when we speak up.


      • Yep, and that is why I posted and asked, pin it, share it, pass it along because until we make our voices heard, they will not listen or care.


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