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Essential Cooking Tips #1

 Have you ever wondered how to soften up your hardened box of brown sugar or how to cut an onion without crying every time?  Or can’t explain why your herbs don’t keep fresh past a few days… ?

These are the first in a series of slide shows  “Essential Cooking Tips”

These cooking tips will make life in the kitchen easier and more fun. Tips  every home cook should know, and pass along to others.


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  1. I always cut the root off of the onions first, doesn’t stop me from tearing up. I must use really strong onions. Helps to clear the sinuses though. So other good tips I knew others I didn’t. Thanks.

    Hope you are doing much better!


    • Hey Jules,

      I am doing better each day, thank u for asking. Brown & Yellow onions are super strong. Another tip that works is if you light a small candle just before you start cutting. The tear producing fumes are attracted to heat and therefore stops u from crying. Also place a slice of bread next to the cutting board. The bread soaks up the fumes and u wont cry….lol..


      • Now that bread trick…that I’d be willing to try. Too bad I already chopped up my onions for tonight. I’ve got a hand chopper and and electric chopper. But I’ve gotten to like taking the time at the chopping board. 🙂


      • Yay! I don’t mind chopping unless I have a lot to do for one dish. I’ve got plenty of battle scars to show for it! …


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