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Do you know what’s inside of………

That can of soda, or cooking spray you are about to use? Or what is in your Mc Rib sandwich? As the world population started to grow in the last thirty years, so did the demand to satisfy everything from our sweet tooth to grabbing dinner via a fast food drive thru to avoid slaving over the stove to prepare dinner after a long day at work and heavy traffic on our commute home. 

The more society consumed the bigger profits corporations stood to make. Eventually overtime quantity won over quality while shortcuts were taken to save cost and to yield “fat” profits while we the consumer was tricked into thinking that what we were consuming was not bad for us.

I am not suggesting that everyone stop eating out, and leave the junk food behind. But unless we start to educate ourselves on what we are consuming, the more we are putting our health at risk later down the road.  I snapped a photo of an Egg Mc Muffin my son didn’t eat and put into the fridge to eat at a later time. A day or two later I opened it and I kid you not the egg had mold on it. What was in that Egg Mc Muffin is a mystery, and pretty scary that it formed mold in two days. 

Look at all that lovely mold!

Look at all that lovely mold!

Those of us over the age of 40 will remember that eating out was a rare occasion as our parents fixed dinner 6 or 7 nights out of the week. Today I have come across more and more people who do not know the first thing about cooking, and are actually fearful of the kitchen.

It takes a bit of practice and patience to learn how to cook, but the benefits are high. Your family will not be eating something that can potentially make them sick. You will be able to control the fat, sodium and sugar, something you have no control over when you buy pre-packaged or fast food. And lastly you will be able to control the cost of eating out versus eating good flavorful meal made in your home. 

It’s time to bring dinner back to the dining room table.


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  1. Growing up we rarely went out for dinner. And once in a great while we went to McDonalds and of course the local pizzeria for pizza and subs. That was about it. I didn’t really go to a real restaurant until I started working. My husband and I fell into that bad habit for awhile of eating out too much. We spent way too much money and the food was not always good. Then of course there was the high sodium, calories and fat in meals that looked “healthy”. I am participating in Wegmans Eat Well Live Well Challenge and am trying to increase the number of cups of vegetables and fruit I eat each day.



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