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Food Fraud

As i researched last weeks post on GMO’s I read a few articles on the growing issue of “Food Fraud”.
I’ve heard of food fraud before, but never imagined just how wide spread this really has become.

Food Fraud is starting out as one product, but by the time it reaches your plate, its something entirely different. Example that bottle of olive oil you just bought maybe cut with hazelnut oil, and your allergic to nuts. Thats how serious food fraud is.

This past year I’ve read on many recalls, where horse meat was substituted for beef. In the UK and Ireland a major grocery chain sold beef containing horse meat. Also serving horse meat this past year were IKEA’s dfamous meatballs, and Burger King’s hamburgers.

I never thought the top ten items in this slideshow, would be in my very kitchen as i type this post. Really makes one wonder, whats next?

Turns out there are a couple of websites you can go to and report if you suspect a food product you purchased is not what the label claims to be is inside.

What is frightening is just how far food manufacturers will go to save a buck, cheat the consumer, and pocket the profits off our ignorance.

Some of the ingredients used is actually harmful to humans, especially the fish Escolar, as its banned in Japan and Italy for causing food poisoning. This fish contains toxins harmful for human consumption. And fish is the hardest to detect.

If you scroll down on each picture in the slide show there is shocking info on what you may not be aware of whats in your milk, juice, tea…etc

So here are a few tips on what you can do, to protect you and your family.

Buy Fish whole.
Even if you don’t buy the whole fish, have them cut the fish in front of you.
Buy whole coffee beans and black pepper corns and grind those yourself.
Squeeze your own orange juice and apple juice. Surprisingly oranges grown for juicing are not as expensive as you think, so shop around.
As for milk, olive oil, honey, tea and the expensive saffron, check the brands you purchase, against these databases.
Ask questions, its your right to know.
And don’t be afraid to challenge vendors if you feel you are not receiving what you are paying for.

Educate yourself, know your rights, arm yourself with knowledge, its your best defense and weapon.


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  1. You remind me of a cooking show I watched where on of the ingredients was Kosher Shrimp.
    Really??? No such thing. Well could be if the product wasn’t made with any shrimp at all! But form fitted and shaped and colored to look like what you want. But I do think that product clearly and stated and actually did tell you on the package that the product was “fake”.




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