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Getting Fit To Be A Better You

Back in February this year I was hospitalized with DVT/Deep Vein Thrombosis or better known as blood clots. My left leg from my upper inner thigh all the way to my ankle, was riddled with clots.

The emergency room physician had a horrible look on his face when he gave me the bad news. It was the look on his face that I will never forget or what he said next.

“I’m terribly sorry”.

That scarred the F….. out of me, and changed my life forever.

My leg actually swelled nearly three times in size and after a couple of months, my leg gradually reduced in size. It is still slightly larger than my right leg, but as I continue to recover I am more than confident in a years time I’ll be able to resume all activities again.

I realized a few things about me that I never really gave a second thought to, and always made excuses for.

1. Β I am only a few years from turning 50
2. Β I was grossly over weight and I actually convinced myself that I was curvy.
3. Β I took life for granted, especially my own!

Not anymore…………… I refuse to go down on account of a blood clot, no way!!

Last summer I lost 40 pounds, and sadly when my body swelled up that 40 I lost was back.

I can say proudly, that 40 pounds is gone plus more and I am not even close to my goal weight/size. It took DVT to wake me up and I’m glad this happened, no regrets. I look at pictures from a year ago to see a larger face then what I see in the mirror today. Now I still have to be cleared for weights and exercise from the waist down in due time. But I watch everything I eat, use smaller plates, stay active, and started light yoga. By my 50th I plan to be in the best shape of my life and plan to maintain it till the day I die.

I learned I miss salads and green veggies as my medication restricts me from these at this time. I eat ice cream and cake that I make myself, and indulge in a glass of vino or a beer. I am here to say if I can lose 60+ on a restricted diet, limited on exercises so can you.

Just put your mind and heart to it, don’t beat yourself up if you slip, pat yourself for trying, treat yourself, get rid of the garbage, fast and junk foods!

Do your best we are humans after all, don’t over do it at first and remember the weight did not appear overnight, nor will it disappear in a flash.

Stay focused & Strong.


About Dish With Clarissa

Clarissa Ellis grew up learning to cook with her mom. In a time where traditional home-cooked food was going out of style, Clarissa learned to love and make those simple 'comfort foods' and family favorites. As she grew - and her mom got busier with long work hours, Clarissa supported her mom by taking over most of the cooking duties around the home. By the time Clarissa started high school - she had absorbed her mother's approach to traditional, homestyle Italian dishes; and thanks to So Cal's great weather year round... a love of cooking on the grill. Fast forward 30 years and Clarissa has never stopped cooking. She continued to explore food, learning more from So Cal's amazing cultural variety, trying things out on her family and her friends... and always learning. Never content to merely cook a good meal, Clarissa developed the habit of talking sharing her ideas with family, friends and coworkers. After a lifetime of learning and experimenting, Clarissa's love affair with traditional Italian cooking, and 'comfort foods' has grown into a robust, creative and cross-cultural approach to cooking that still manages to remain 'accessible' to the rest of us. Now Clarissa brings her experience and her approach online through her blog - giving all of us a chance give ourselves, our friends and our family the benefits of a lifetime of passion and joy in cooking simply great meals.

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  1. Yes, I munch when I am bored.


  2. i tend to munch when I am bored too


  3. I used to eat ice cubes. But I was told that wasn’t good for my teeth. I do know that drinking water is good. And pretty much moderation is a good key word. Continued success on recovery, good habits and keeping us informed of great information about food!

    Just wait until menopause though… that’s puts a whole different cog in the wheel of your body. I’m going to try very hard not to deal with any chemicals that claim to adjust you. After all memopuse is a natural state of change. Though I think the few extra pounds might come off with an better eating and (ack) an a fitness routine. πŸ™‚

    I did end up getting a new blender and I’ve made some banana strawberry smoothies. Yum!
    Not quite sure about veggie smoothies just yet though πŸ™‚


    • I’ll be posting smoothie recipes soon. Ive read some veggies can be masked with certain fruits.

      i am in peri menopause…eck…. I lost 60lbs, time to tone with yoga. Ive never been athletic and don’t intend to get buffed out, just want to be toned and maintain this body.


      • I’ve got the right size waist…just the belly isn’t co-operating…I’ve gone up the next size bluejeans (while I might have been an 8 or 10 as a teen I’m creeping into 14 territory) and I don’t fool myself by going to European clothing stores to get clothes that are sized differently – I know I’ll never be a zero much less a Eurpoean size 6. Maybe the thighs are thinking they can spread a bit too. Maybe mowing the lawn will help? While it is a self-propelled mower I still have to stand and walk behind it! πŸ™‚

        Better than being like my elder aunts who were 5′ by 5′. OK maybe not that bad. But when you are a smaller person you need to not carry as much weight as someone who is taller.


      • I’m 5’6 and was a size 20! I am making my way back to my 12’s in high school.

        Ive always had a large booty that i now embrace with happiness.


      • I think they’ve switched the American clothing sizes. Especially shoes. I remember being an 8, then up to a 10, now depending on the shoe 8 1/2 to a 9.

        Baby clothes are even worse. Because they were set when babies were smaller. 6 mos, now mostly fits 3 mos. But that too depends on your little ones size. Our grandson is mismatched, pants are smaller than his torso. He’s three and only 25 lbs. I’ve seen one year olds bigger (well maybe not one year olds…but…).

        I’m not petite either. And never will be. We need to embrace ourselves. But in a healthy way too. πŸ™‚


      • Exactly! My grandson is 6 and weighs 62 lbs, super tall but size 8 are too baggy. Your right clothes are made funky


  4. I was very interested and admired your gumption to get the weight loss program started and to blog openly about your life. I think you are doing great! From the photo I would never guess you needed to lose ANY pounds! I was in my 40’s and the dr. told me my cholesterol was rocketing too high, needed to lose weight. I lost 20 the first year, my cholesterol dropped 20 points to 240 (bad) and then I lost 20 more and got to a “safe” don’t need meds level. I have toned up but not lost any more weight. It is a gradual and very humiliating process, at times! I like your healthy renditions of recipes!


  5. Looks like I have work to do.


  6. Congratulations on an amazing achievement. Can you imagine I was over 200 lbs. when you look at my Avatar? It has taken many years but I am now officially slim and if I can do it then anyone can. You look absolutely amazing and keep it up. Over the years I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds but never gave up.



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