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Do you know whats inside of…..5

The garbage you eat?

That can of soda, cooking spray you are about to use? Or what is really in the burger from “Burger King”? As the world population started to grow in the last thirty years, so did the demand to satisfy everything from our sweet tooth to grabbing dinner via a fast food drive thru to avoid slaving over the stove to prepare dinner, after a long day at work, and heavy traffic on our commute home.

The more society consumed the bigger profits corporations stood to make. Eventually overtime quantity won over quality while shortcuts were taken to save cost and to yield “fat” profits while we the consumer was tricked into thinking that what we were consuming was not all that bad for us.

I am not suggesting that everyone stop eating out, and leave the junk food behind. But unless we start to educate ourselves on what we are consuming, the more we are putting our health at risk later down the road

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My Disclosure Policy


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  1. Logically I know these things… Sadly, I don’t always follow what I know. I’m definitely healthier in what I put in my body than I was several years ago, but every once in a while I give in to the urge to eat something not so wholesome. (It actually probably helped my awareness that my step dad is a celiac.)


  2. Initially we ate well because of the taste. Now it’s because of our health AND taste. The difficulty is in finding fast recipes instead of fast food at the end of a long day. 😦


    • Good point, and there are literally thousands of recipes and ideas that are just a click of the mouse away!
      I have two new recipes ill be posting by Sunday that are good, healthy and easy to make without busting your wallet

      I completely get where your coming from! 🙂 its that way everywhere it seems, and that can be an advantage to put pressure on not just corporations, but law makers too!.



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