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Living a healthier life #5

When I started posting my weekly slide shows on “Incredible Food Facts and Health Benefits” it was to share and pass along information, on just how wonderful fruits and vegetables are in their natural raw form, and the benefits we receive from them.

As I began researching information, i stumbled upon many interesting articles and facts on not only just how bad processed foods are, but also on everyday household cleaners, over the counter medications, beauty products, that so many of us just take and use without really thinking of what is really inside. This had me thinking what did our families use 50 to 100 years ago, that was safe and effective to use back then. If processed foods are so bad just imagine what is in that can of aerosol or counter wipes, eye make up remover? What I read leads me to believe that everyday basic household products may not safe, and can possibly lead to serious health problems over time.

What I put together is bits of information on various DIY (do it yourself) cleaners that are easy to make to use in the home or office, to not only keep a healthy and clean home, but live a healthier lifestyle and avoid potentially unsafe products




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My Disclosure Policy


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  1. You really have some interesting articles in this section. I’ve been getting some nice veggies from the farm co-op. I’ve got some blanched and ready for use in the winter. I found a few things I’ve never had before; purple cherry tomatoes and purple string beans. And garlic snapes.

    Thanks for taking the time to educate us 🙂


    • Ah thanks Jules, I’m glad to have an audience. I have never heard of garlic snaps? what is it?


      • ‘Garlic scapes are the “flower stalks” of hardneck garlic plants, although they do not produce flowers. These stalks start to appear a month or so after the first leaves. They are usually cut off of the plant, since leaving them on only diverts the plants strength away from forming a plump bulb. If left on, they eventually form small bulbils that can be planted to grow more garlic, but it takes 2–3 years for them to form large bulbs. Many gardeners simply toss their scapes in the compost, but garlic scapes are both edible and delicious, as are the bulbils.’

        I used them as if they were scallions.

        Funny in googling ‘them’… the ‘hardneck’ lent to side ads for men. I know the ads help the site to maintain itself…but really the ads have nothing to do with the veggie.


  2. Must Have Boxes

    I love these healthy living tips!

    – KW


    • Hi Kristin,

      I just checked out your web site and wow how original!! I am definitely going to sign up for a monthly shipment, and tweet your website. What a great way to show support to the small business owners. Bravo!!! Such a great concept!!



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