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Togo’s and the return of its highly-acclaimed BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Togo’s and the return of its highly-acclaimed BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

It’s Pulled Pork Season At Togo’s


I was recently approached by the Glass Agency on behalf of Togo’s Eateries, Inc and asked if I would be willing to try the “BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich” and write a review of the not only the sandwich, but the place, service and cleanliness  For those of you who have never heard of Togo’s it is a chain of fast casual sandwich restaurants owned by Mainsail Partners. Its headquarters are in San José, California.


The first “Togo’s” was opened in downtown San José, California, in 1967. At that time the sandwich shack was so small that only 4 people at a time could be inside and the sign out front read “Sandwiches To Go” with To Go being on the second line. In 1971 the shop was purchased by a college student. In 1997, Togo’s was acquired by the Dunkin’ Brands portfolio of fast-food restaurants. By 2001, there were about 350 Togo’s sandwich shops, serving more than 25 different types of sandwiches.


I have been a regular customer of Togo’s for ten years. I for one do not mind venturing out to try new things, except for a few places that I just can’t help being a creäture of habit. I’m sure so many of you will order that same dish, burger or sandwich, cause you love it so much. For me I always order the pastrami on the onion-herb bread, with mustard, red onion, tomato and provolone cheese. It may seem that these ingredients would not work, but oh man do they ever. The pastrami is my go to guilty pleasure, and I can eat a foot long. Any other sandwich a six-inch will do just fine. But not my pastrami.


But for now I need to redirect to the task at hand as Togo’s “West Coast Original” Brings Back Popular Sandwich for Limited-Time as the pulled pork sandwich is only available through the end of this month. Togo’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich features tender pulled pork dripping with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce and is topped with creamy, crunchy coleslaw piled high on freshly baked white bread.


Togo’s BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich is available in both regular six-inch and large nine-inch sizes, starting at $6.25.



I went to the Fountain Valley place at 18225 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Last Sunday to try the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, as I love a plate of good BBQ and a tangy, not too sweet or tart sauce. I get there around 2pm and it was quiet as this place is next to Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, so I imagine it must be hectic during the week. I was greeted when I walked in. ( I also brought my grandson and son) we placed our orders and took the food home.


At Togo’s if you want to add lettuce or onion, tomato it’s never a problem or charge unless you add cheese or double meat. This sandwich had only three ingredients; bread, pulled pork and coleslaw. I enjoyed the bbq pulled pork a lot, especially the coleslaw it was hands down one of the best I’ve eaten, ever!


The pulled pork was cooked and sauce had just the right amount of sweet vs tang. My only complaint is the portion size is way different then what is visually advertised . I feel more coleslaw and pulled pork could have been added or perhaps an entirely different bread could be used to proportion the sandwich better, making it more appealing to the eye of the consumer.

Maybe a bread similar to this?

Maybe a bread similar to this?



or this???

or this???


If you compare Togo’s pulled pork to the competitors, in my opinion the competitors do not measure up, or come close as you can see from the photo’s below.


Burger King's version of the pulled pork sandwich.

Burger King’s version of the pulled pork sandwich.



Quiznos version of the pulled pork sandwich.

Quiznos version of the pulled pork sandwich.



Subway's version of the pulled pork sandwich.

Subway’s version of the pulled pork sandwich.


Would I try the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich again?

Yes, I would and so should you. Just keep lots of napkins handy as this sandwich was not meant to meet light colored clothes…lol



Overall, it was good, service was prompt, food was hot, place was clean, and I’ll be back again.






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My Disclosure Policy


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  1. Delicious sandwiches ,there is a Togo’s in our city .Great service too.jalal


  2. Does Togo’s still have the onion herb bread. Last time I was at one (in HB) they no longer carried it. Bummed me out.


    • Hi Amber,
      My apologies for not responding sooner. You are correct. Togo’s stopped making the onion herb bread over a year ago. I guess i had not realize it had been that long since i ordered that particular bread.
      I’ll correct my post to reflect that, and email Togo’s corporate office to ask why it was discontinued. I loved that bread!!!
      Thanks for commenting and bringing this to my attention.


      • They did discontinue the onion bread and I complained right away… I just don’t understand how they could take away a staple offering they have always had and I had also been ordering for over 15 years!! I have boycotted Togos ever since.


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