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Household Gadgets From The Past- Winners From Post 8/28

Winners and answer from my post on 8/28

I started a fun giveaway a few weeks ago and posted up a few pictures of a kitchen item, asking for anyone to name what it was or describe its overall function. The first correct answer posted in the comment section would win a small gift from me. In the first giveaway one of the first to respond was Tami C, of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Tami was right in her answer, but I did not catch it right away. I also had two more responses that were back to back, Adrienne W. of Folsom, CA and Helen R. of Scottsdale, AZ each winner received a ten-dollar gift card for Starbucks! 

Congratulations to all three.

The rules are simple, as I plan to run these every three to four weeks.

I will post pictures of a household gadget from the past or a gadget that was a failure. The first person to answer correctly by posting the name of the gadget or description of what it does in the comment section will win a gift from me.

Remember the answer must be posted “here” on my site in the comment section.

The answer to the first giveaway was a “Indoor Griller/Stove top Grill”

The indoor stove top griller was introduced around the late 80’s to early 90’s as a way to enjoy a juicy steak or burger year round in any weather. The name of the indoor griller I am using is unknown as there is no visible markings nor is there a manufacturer names/logo’s anywhere. This lead me to believe that this model is fairly old.

vintage griller

In trying to find more information on the indoor griller/stove top griller I noticed the average price for an older used model were about ten dollars. I paid five for mine at Goodwill. I did come across newer models advertised as smokeless, that ranged in price from fifteen and up.


It does work and did produce a juicy burger, however the clean up was a complete mess with grease splatters everywhere. This griller also produced a lot of smoke and high flames from excessive grease that all my smoke detectors went off. Yet all doors and windows to my home were already opened.


The model I used in my opinion can be potentially unsafe from the amount of flames and smoke that it produced. Especially to a person who may not be experienced with grilling, or how to handle a grease fire. Now, It could be used for seafood or vegetables, as these foods do not produce high flames and smoke unless they are marinated in vats of grease. So I will most likely give this griller another try in the future.

One thing is for certain……





I am glad I own a fire extinguisher!!



Next round of  “Household Gadgets From the Past” I will post next week, so stay tuned!!!



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My Disclosure Policy


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