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The garbage you eat?

That can of soda, cooking spray you are about to use? Or what is really in the burger from “Burger King”? As the world population started to grow in the last thirty years, so did the demand to satisfy everything from our sweet tooth to grabbing dinner via a fast food drive thru to avoid slaving over the stove to prepare dinner, after a long day at work, and heavy traffic on our commute home.

The more society consumed the bigger profits corporations stood to make. Eventually overtime quantity won over quality while shortcuts taken to save cost and to yield “fat” profits while the consumer got tricked into thinking that what we were consuming was not all that bad for us.

I am not suggesting that everyone stop eating out, and leave the junk food behind. But unless we start to educate ourselves on what we are consuming, the more we are putting our health at risk later down the road





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My Disclosure Policy


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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say a belated thank you for linking my blog with yours. I enjoyed reading your blog entry. It was very informative.


  2. I did just listen to a news cast about how ‘trans fats’ are going to be eliminated from ‘America’s diet’. Questions like why and how ‘trans fats’ have been added weren’t really address. Except that ‘trans fats’ made food tasty. Not necessarily better or good for you.
    But on the other hand… just how much can ‘Big Brother’ control? Really like banning the ‘Big Gulp? So someone ends up with two or three smaller sodas? Education seems to be the key. But education only works if you want to learn. 🙂

    Curious how is agave nectar bad? I thought that was supposed to be the next best thing as a substitute for sugar? There is always something one week eggs are good and another they are bad. Moderation along with education 🙂


    • Jules,
      I was surprised to read that Agave Nectar is very high in fructose sugar compared to granulated sugar and is processed as well. The reason the consumer (us) are not aware is the manufacturer is not required to label as such. Now from what I’ve read its not all that bad if you use in moderation.

      Here is an excerpt from an article i read earlier.

      One of the most celebrated properties of agave is its profile on the glycemic index, a scale that measures how much various foods raise blood sugar levels. Agave ranks lower than many other sweeteners on the glycemic index. As a result, some manufacturers tout it as a “diabetic friendly” sugar. But, according to Clemens, “there is inconsistent evidence to assign a glycemic value to any food, and it should not be used as a green light for diabetics.”

      In fact, the American Diabetes Association lists agave along with other sweeteners (table sugar, honey, brown sugar, molasses, fructose, maple sugar, and confectioner’s sugar) that should be limited in diabetic diets.

      Interesting indeed and you are correct……..
      Moderation and Education


  3. I am trying to be much more careful of my intake and have found some healthy foods to order, but rare and few are available out there! Thanks for emphasizing to be healthy, I found out that the plaque that forms from cholesterol can also, cause you to lose your memory as you age. I read of a link between poor eating habits and dementia! Enough for me at age 58 to start worrying!


    • You are not 58!!! Thank you again, when I first started this blog i was planning on posting recipes, along with competing in cooking competitions. Little did I realize my blog took me in a totally different direction, as I researched various topics I would come across more and more articles on GMO”s, processed foods, and cancer fighting foods that were not mainstream publicized in magazines, news, TV programs. Sharing information that otherwise went undetected became my priority. funny how life will take us on a different journey.


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