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Togo’s Toasted Dip Sandwiches


Togos toasted dips 


Togo’s back in October rolled out two new sandwiches to their line up this fall with the Roast Beef Dip and the Triple Dip. Talk about a sandwich fit for a king.

The Roast Beef Dip features hot roast beef, melted provolone cheese, and a tangy horseradish mayo on fresh-baked Artisan bread. It’s priced at $6.25 for regular and $8.25 for a large.

My sons sandwich was packed with savory roast beef, he added red onion to his!
My sons sandwich was packed with savory roast beef, he added red onion to his!

The Triple Dip comes filled with a hefty amount, I’m talking roughly more than a half pound of turkey, roasted beef, and pastrami, with the provolone cheese and the tangy horseradish mayo. Just think you get all that delicious extra meat at a cost of $9.25 for a 6-inch regular and $12.25 for a 9-inch large.

The triple dip! Over eight ounces of meat! Heaven between provolone cheese and fresh baked bread!

The triple dip! Over eight ounces of meat! Heaven between provolone cheese and fresh-baked bread!

Both sandwiches are served with a side of au jus for dipping.

The new Roast Beef Dip replaces the French Dip Sandwich that consisted of roast beef and au jus, and Swiss cheese. Now if you still want the former French Dip, Togo’s will make it for you. But you must hurry as these two meaty sandwiches are only available through Jan. 7, 2014.

I am a true lover of Pastrami and roast beef, but i needed to bring a guy with a hearty appetite to try the triple dip so my son agreed to go with me to the Togo’s at 18225 Brookhurst St #8, Fountain Valley, CA ‎(714) 964-6464


The staff is always very friendly, attentive fast and courteous, one of the reasons I don’t frequent other competitors.

My pastrami rocked, it always does.

No matter how many times I order a pastrami from Togo's it is always packed and juicy!

No matter how many times I order a pastrami from Togo’s it is always packed and juicy!

I like mine on either white or the Italian Parmesan bread with mustard, provolone cheese, red onion and both pepperchinis and pickles. You would think a combination of pickles and pepperchinis would clash, but they don’t in fact they add yet another layer of texture and flavor.

Yes be jealous!!

Yes be jealous!!

Moving onto the Triple Dip, this sandwich was packed with meat. My son ordered a large to match his 6’1 size and he polished it off and said it was a “damn good sandwich” I was able to get in just one bite, and he was correct it was delicious, moist with just enough of the horseradish mayo to wake your palate up!

Yes, you must take another look at this tasty monster of a sandwich!

Yes, you must take another look at this tasty monster of a sandwich!

We also went back a couple of days later to try the roast beef dip and again we both left satisfied and our stomachs ready to burst!

So if you are looking for a hearty sandwich with lots of flavor do not wait head over to one of your local Togo’s before January 7, 2014‎

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For more information, visit Follow Togo’s on Twitter and on Facebook, and for all latest Togo’s news, coupons and special offers delivered straight to your inbox, join the Togo’s Sandwich Club.

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  1. Dang it woman! Now my stomach is growling and I’m starving. Unfortunately there is no Togos where I live! Cruel, cruel tease…


  2. Both sandwiches look delicious, but I would love to have a bite of yours! My mouth is watering over the combination with the pastrami! Smiles, Robin



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