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My Master Chef Journey

Making the Decision to go get my “apron”

Only 38 lucky people get one of these “golden tickets”, and I plan on being one of them!

I’ve been asked to write a cookbook, told I should open a diner and complimented by many friends, family, or associates who sat at my table and broke bread with my family and I. Not once did I give much thought about competing or even how to go about it until the last five years or so when programs like “Top Chef” and Chopped came around. I can recall an occasion or two watching “Chopped” and my husband would ask me what I would do with the same mystery ingredients as the contestants had, and I could come up with ideas on a whim that sounded good. That was the first light flickering.

If you think Monday night football at the local sports bar is loud, try my house on a night when “Chopped” , “Hell’s Kitchen, or “Master Chef” is on, straight up excitement mixed with love and passion is what drives me. The long-term goal that I want to reach from competing, is to publish my first cookbook and memoir of my mom(she passed away 16 years ago) who taught me the basics, and patience’s, and my dad (He passed away last month) who taught me how to get back up and fight. Well I have those three things and more.

So for me next is my open casting call on November 3rd, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA 10:00, location pending, and the dish I am to bring is also pending as i need to keep a few guidelines in mind, which I am posting below. As the date gets closer I know I’ll have a dish in mind and will share it here, and I am posting the link if anyone else in interested in registering for season four. 

Till next time Foodies,


Master Chef-Guidelines

You must serve one plate of food to food experts. You will not have
access to any equipment to heat your food and we will not supply you
with any dishes, etc. You must bring your own utensils including the
plate, knives, forks, spoons, etc. You will only be given a few minutes to
plate your dish (once you get into the audition room) so bring whatever it
is you need to do that!

Please think carefully about the food that you bring, and how you will
transport it to the open call, especially if you are traveling from afar.
Please also consider you must be able to carry
everything you need into the audition room.

What kind of plate of food shall I bring?

You can bring any dish, as long as it’s presented on one plate. But
remember, you will be evaluated on this dish, so make sure you think
carefully about it. Maybe it’s your signature dish or a recipe handed
down through generations of your family or maybe it’s you on a plate –
whatever you decide to bring, make sure it says something about you!


All Feedback Is Appreciated!

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