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Post on various competitions I’ve entered, as well as awards I’ve been given from my fellow peers.

Cozy-Casserole Cook-off Results

The Results are in and it came down to one vote. I am very happy to say that my dish placed 2nd!

The winning dish was a “Ranch Chili Casserole” . I am glad to help my grandson’s school as that was very important to me. I did not go, but my daughter went and stayed to get feedback from the judges and those in attendance. The feedback was all positive.

This was the first time I ever entered a cooking competition, as those of you who have competed know that at times we all have self doubts at one time, so for me to start competing at age 46 the feedback was what I was after.

I have the recipe to post up as well as pictures and pictures of the dishes I competed against.

I will be back today in a bit, as I am still running like a mad housewife.

But WOW!!! 1st time competing, lost by “one” vote! I AM ECSTATIC! 


Color Me Happy I Took “Second Place”!!!!!


Mac & Cheese w/Applewood Bacon

Mac & Cheese w/Applewood Bacon

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Today is My First Competition!!!

Today is my first time entering a cooking competition. It is for my grandson Damien’s school, and it the Annual Fall Cozy Casserole Cook-off.

I am entering my Mac & Cheese topped with finely crumbled applewood bacon. No velveeta or gross american cheese in this dish. Sharp cheddar, cream cheese and Münster cheese combine with spiral pasta, topped with bacon and my secret ingredient which will be posted today with photo’s.

What a perfect day for this as I can hear thunder, our weather forecast calls for some rain. With the school two blocks away, my dish will go from oven to school nice and hot!

So I’ll be back later today.

Have a delish day!

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