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A mini post on everything food, wine, and more.

Chocolate… dark chocolate..

Honey Bourbon Roast

Take honey bourbon beer and a beef roast and what do you get? 
A kick ass meal that packs a mean punch from flavor town!!

My honey bourbon roast is my latest creation and its coming your way soon!

Creamy Seared Potatoes

Are you ready for my next dish?

Take ordinary potatoes and add some fresh herbs, minced garlic and a touch of chicken stock, then oven sear the potaoes and you’ll have a side dish that not only looks great plated, but it is oh so crispy on the outside and has a creamy rich flavor, with every bite you take! 

Just a preview for tomorrow post.

See you then.

Ciao ~ Clarissa

Savory Grits W/Bacon & Avocado!

I know i overloaded on avocado, but whats not to like about avocado and bacon smothered in savory grits and cheese.

These are not instant grits either, i just blended whole hominy with a lil half & half till course. 

In another pan i heated some chicken stock and added blended hominy with spices, and finished it off with cheese, chopped bacon and avocado.
I’ll definately have to make this again and post the recipe here.  

Guess What I am, In The Photo Below……????


 I am next weeks post, a Southern Belle called “Red Velvet”.

That’s right, this blogger here has been gone far too long and its time I start posting up a good years worth of dishes starting with this American Classic on Monday, Jan 12, 2015.


Red Velvet is an American classic layer cake with a subtle hint of chocolate and a “In your face” red hue that is courtesy of a large amount of red food coloring. The decadent frosting is a rich, soft, and fluffy white frosting that is much of the cake’s rich flavor and adds the perfect color contrast.

Red Velvet cake and its original recipe are well-known in the United States. However, it is widely considered a Southern recipe, though its origins date as far back to post-Civil War era, and from New York City’s famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. So stay tuned I’ve got all new recipes, more cooking tips and tricks, a new beauty and health category. 


Balsamic Slow Cooker Wonder


This is one of my favorite cuts of beef; bottom round beef!

Some might say?

Why is that?

Well there are a few, one its easy to cook. Toss in a roasting pan or slow cooker a few ingredients, and depending on the weight of the cut you have a flavorful dinner, that didn’t cost a lot nor did you spend hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

I have this amazing wonder and many others in the days to come.

And I got a new kitchen gadget contest to roll out soon.

The prize is a copy of Food & Wine 2013 Cookbook!

Shredded Pork Taco’s

The other white meat!

Are you a pork lover like me, and i don’t mean just bacon.

What i got next will leave you satisfied and guilt free.

Till then…..

Ciao Clarissa


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