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There are many things that I love to talk about other then food. So this category is for things I love to “dish” about that is not food related. I love MMA, boxing, Anaheim Angels, the ocean, Sharks, and unusual art.

Leave no cat behind

Hit your horn before starting your car up, there may be a cat seeking shelter from the rain in your car!



UFC 188: Velasquez vs. Werdum


Tonight is UFC 188 with the main card title match for the heavyweight championship

between the returning champ and my guy Cain Velasquez and the reining interim champion Fabricio Werdum.

The first time I saw Cain fight was for the heavyweight title against Brock (lol) Lesner and after the beat down Lesner took from Velasquez I was hooked on this man, and is he a force to be reckoned with. Standing 6’0 tall he maintained and held 6’4 Junior dos Santos against the fence for five rounds landing blow after blow, and a few elbows in their second match. Cain also has the best cardio in the UFC, no one can match it. Cain’s insane cardio has been a plus in being able to go five rounds and not get “gassed” while maintaining his title defenses.  

Is Cain Velasquez superhuman? Seriously after five rounds you would think a fighter got to be tired and breathing heavy, but he isn’t. 

Cain may look a little pudgy but he is incredibly strong and I envision him putting Werdum up against the fence and working his dirty boxing, then dropping Werdum for a takedown, to land some massive ground-and-pound, and use his elbows to the face. Anyone remember what Cain did to Bigfoot Silva in 2012?


Now Werdum’s I’ll admit I have only see one of his fights, so I can’t comment objectively, though I’ve read that Werdum has rapidly improved on his stand-up and could pose Cain some major problems.  Sports analyst say Werdum lacks a true KO punch and I just don’t think he can corral Cain into any dangerous Muay Thai positions.

My prediction Velasquez TKO/KO 1st Round!

We shall see soon…

My Disclosure Policy

My Disclosure Policy

Xeriscaping: 4 Things to Know for Water-Conscious Yard Desig

Xeriscaping: 4 Things to Know for Water-Conscious Yard Desig

Food for thought to those who live in drought areas you may want to rethink planting summer flowers…

Electric Car Design Consultants, Green Living Expert, Guru

Courtesy of Home Depot

May 1, 2015
In many parts of the U.S.—especially in the West and Southwest— severe drought has put an emphasis on water conservation. Xeriscape (pronounced “zeri-scape”) is a water-efficient landscaping method growing in popularity as homeowners look to limit daily water usage with alternative landscaping materials and techniques. With xeriscaping, yards can become environmentally friendly and still be impeccably well designed with native plants and landscapes that require little to no water.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for planning the perfectly xeriscaped yard.

1. Pick the Right Plants

Drought-Tolerant PlantsIt may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to choose plants that don’t require a lot of water. Succulents are a
great solution that don’t need a lot of water and are easy to grow. Aeonium, a succulent shrub, is a good option for rocky areas. If you’re looking for something other than succulents, African Daisies…

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Cats and Humans- The Homeless Populations in Panama City

Cats and Humans- The Homeless Populations in Panama City

I just lost a cat i had rescued, he was old, really old and possibly sick as he sneezed a lot and his eyes were always draining. He wasnt neutered and he could be quite scary when approached. By the end i could hold him, he would meow when i would feed him, his fur started feeling softer, nor could i feel his bones again.
Yes, he was skinny when i first saw him and i thought he was nursed back to health.
He never left his bowl of kibble and go far.
I hope my splinter, knew the short time we had together, that i loved him deeply.

Splinter wasnt a Feral cat, he was a pet at one time and was homeless, when i started feeding him.


Dogpaddling Through Life

It’s spring in Panama City, and the homeless are upon us. 

Homelessness122514 Photo from

Some have been here all along, such as the lady who sits alone and talks to herself all day. I first ran into her in the downtown area, but the last few times I’ve seen her, she was hanging out near Millville.

Some wandered down this way to enjoy Spring Break and stayed on.

I live near the Rescue Mission, and often see homeless people in the area. Like yesterday morning when Rumpy and I were out walking and found a man asleep in the doorway of one of the buildings we sometimes pass. Or last night when Rumpy and I went for a walk, and found an older man and younger woman walking around looking lost. Rumpy didn’t like them and was barking; I had to move him away from them.

We see lots of homeless…

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Animal Resources

If every person did one kind act a day and consistently, it would spread like wild fire…


This will have both wild and domesticated sources for you to check out about

animals. I feel I need to be kept abreast of endangered animals and also, some

of the ways we can protect domestic animals which have been turned into ‘strays.’

My open heart won’t allow animals to suffer, although when given a choice, I will

give to Columbus Children’s Hospital and March of Dimes to help out children


I heard on the radio today, that April is also the month to keep abreast on

the subject of Parkinson’s Disease. I had a dear mother in law who has this

destructive disease and would donate or wear a ribbon signifying my belief

we need more research funds to ‘cure’ this rampant disease. I admire Michael

J. Fox in his continuing to perform to help let us be more aware of it, too.

I also believe in supporting…

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Trophy case :)

Its still a humbling feeling…..

Random Bytes From Life


So I have just got 200 follows here and also an equal number of likes.. thanks all for following and coming and reading 🙂

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UFC 166

I haven’t posted much last week, just busy trying to figure out what i plan to take next month when i audition fir season five of Master Chef.

i will be back tomorrow to post a nice warm Sunday dinner and not one but two homemade and easy pies!!

In addition to preparing for next month, tonight is also UFC 166 with Cain Velasquez & Junior dos Santos lll.

I wrote this article and posted it on my Facebook back in November 2012, when these two fought a second time, and not much has changed with these two fighters, except of course the title of Heavyweight champion. But since it was a fun article i thought i’d share it with all of you.

Well for some reason i cant copy and paste so ill share via pictures of my post from last November 2012

Till tomorrow have a great night and may the best fighter win! My prediction; Cain Velasquez by unanimous decision





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